Pomeranians in their lion cut

pom1 Pomeranians in their lion cut

2 Pomeranians in their lion cutour poms in the summer with their lion cuts, playing with our older puppies in our yard. they are so adorable with their little bare bottoms.

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[youtube A7iqkZew7hk]

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  • TakerBride777

    nice cuts very cute …
    nice cuts very cute poms

  • xxiiROCK

    Haha. I like your …
    Haha. I like your sign on the gate. Cute poms :) Wish I had one…

  • juicypinkhearts

    You’re soo cute and …
    You’re soo cute and funny! I love the way you talk to them! Especially Patrick in this video! Haha!

  • babielindie

    omg so much poms~!! …
    omg so much poms~!!! <3

  • temgis

    aaaahhh he’s? so …
    aaaahhh he’s? so cute i want him i want him.

  • cocokitty55

    you must be a pom …
    you must be a pom breeder! THEY ARE CUTE I COULD JUST PINCH THIER (face) CHEEKS AND EAT THEM UP!

  • txstoryteller

    All those Poms! …
    All those Poms! Too cute; bet they’re a lot happier (and cooler) with their summer cuts! FIVE stars!