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All About Pomeranian Chihuahuas

Anybody looking for great small dogs has probably heard about Pomeranians. They’re also probably very familiar with Chihuahuas. However, they’ve probably never imagined breeding the two breeds together, but lots of people do – and the adorable products of this cross-breeding are known as Pomeranian Chihuahuas.

Pomeranian Chihuahuas are a second-generation mixed breed dog – as in, they’re a mixture (obviously) between Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. The official name for these types of dogs, according to the American Canine Hybrid Club, is “Chiranian” although they go by many other names as well – Pomchis and Chi-Poms mainly. There is even an official club for them called the Pomchi Club of America!

Just like their parents, Pomeranian Chihuahuas will probably weigh in between 5 and 12 pounds. Their heads are small and wedge-shaped. They’re also generally very short with short legs like most small dogs are. They have very round, dark eyes and their tails are so fluffy that they can be held upright and folded across their backs.

While it’s true that mixed breed dogs have parents that are usually from two different breeds, breeding does not result in a dog that has evenly split qualities. That means that a Pomeranian Chihuahua will all look slightly different than another Pomeranian Chihuahua because some have stronger Pomeranian genes and some have stronger Chihuahua genes. That makes it interesting to try and prepare for bringing one of these adorable guys in the home because you’re never quite sure what you’re gonna get!

Pomeranians are naturally very long-haired dogs, while most Chihuahuas are short-haired. That means that a Pomeranian Chihuahuas can end up with either a Pomeranian’s long coat, a Chihuahua’s short coat or a coat that’s somewhere in between the two. They can have a single coat like a Chihuahua or a double coat like a Pomeranian. If you end up with a Pomeranian Chihuahua that has stronger Pomeranian genes, they will require a lot more grooming because they will have a lot of hair that needs brushing frequently! There will also be more shedding. You’ll need to do a “sani cut” underneath their tails so nothing gets stuck in the hind area and you’ll also need to keep their feet hair trimmed because long hair on the feet will often lead to the dog tripping frequently. Pomeranian Chihuahuas vary in color as well. They will have either a solid-colored coat, a part-colored coat or they will be either sable or merle colored. It all depends on what genes happen to express themselves.

A Pomeranian Chihuahuas’ personality will mirror that of the Pomeranian and Chihuahua. They tend to be very sweet pets, which makes them good for children especially younger ones. They are also very alert dogs – small dogs especially have a reputation for “yapping” and a Pomeranian Chihuahua is no different. Part of this is because they are naturally a bit more skittish; however, proper socialization should cut down on both of those problems easily. They love being around people and will probably become your shadow – they’ll only want to be where you are. They do not do well with punishment or harsh treatment. They do much better in homes where positive reinforcement is used to correct any behavioral issues.

Pomeranian Chihuahuas are very intelligent dogs as well. They love to learn. They learn tricks very easily and are usually eager to perform those tricks. They’re generally very obedient as well, especially if you give them one-on-one time and train them properly. However, they can be a bit difficult to house train so make sure you’re ready to put in a little extra time helping your Pomeranian Chihuahua learn how to go outside!

Pomeranian Chihuahuas, like most dogs, are prone to certain health problems naturally. No matter how long their actual hair length is, you have to make sure you keep the area around his eyes clear so he doesn’t develop “tear stains.” Cleaning that area also prevents eye goop from forming. You should also keep a close eye on your Pomeranian Chihuahua’s teeth as well – both Pomeranians and Chihuahuas are naturally prone to tooth decay and bacteria buildup, so chances are good your Pomeranian Chihuahua will develop them as well if you don’t catch it before it gets bad.

Pomeranian Chihuahuas are perfect for pet owners looking for small, spirited companions.

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