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Small in size but large in personality, the Pomeranian is an excellent addition to any family, to be used both as a pet and in competition, if you learn how to raise and care for them.  The Pomeranian is small and compact, but what they lack in size they make up for with their sometimes vivacious and spunky personality.  They are keenly alert and are usually found checking out everything that is going on around them.  They tend to be “busy bodies” and have a very strong brash attitude, usually walking around like they are the king of the domain. 

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pom1 About Pomeranian Breeders

Pomeranian Breeders

As with any animal, do not go into a pet store in order to pick out your perfect Pomeranian.  Pomeranians especially should come from Pomeranian breeders, preferably reputable and respected within their community.  There are some Pomeranian breeders out there that are considered to be shady, and will breed aggressive dogs just to make a buck, but with a little bit of research you can steer clear of these Pomeranian breeders.

A reputable Pomeranian breeder will ask numerous questions about your lifestyle, family, and other pets.  They will also make sure that you have a veterinarian reference if you have other pets.  An honest Pomeranian breeder will not just sell their puppies to the first interested buyer; they are as interested in you as you are in the dogs.  We encourage you to interview numerous Pomeranian breeders before deciding on who to go with.  Look at the lines, the stud dogs, the temperament and the history of the breeder himself before paying any money to the breeder.

Where To Find Reputable Breeders

There are numerous resources available to find a breeder in your area.  The first place you should contact is the American Kennel Club.  They are familiar with the breed, and can tell you what to look for in a Pomeranian breeder, and can refer you to the proper organization to find a breeder, as they don’t recommend individuals themselves.  It really is the best way to start to ensure you are getting a puppy that will best suit you.

The American Pomeranian Club has an in-depth listing of local breeders near you.  They are dedicated to the preservation and welfare of all Pomeranians and only recommend the best breeders available to them.  Although they do not guarantee the services, they do list only Pomeranian breeders that are in good standing with their organization and have a long history of good service.

You can find Pomeranian breeders online just by doing a search, but be forewarned that you may be meeting up with less than desirable breeders.  Although some are individually licensed and have great reputations, there are some that do not.  Take your time and do your research before contacting any individual breeder.  You need to know what to look for when finding a quality Pomeranian breeder, before you even start to look.  It will save you time, money, and you will have the ability to know that you are buying a quality dog.



About The Pomeranian Dog

The Pomeranian is a dog that looks like it belongs in the lap of luxury, with its fox like face, its more than expressive eyes, and a look of intelligence and confidence.  The Pomeranians body is small and proportioned, the ears tiny and pointy, and the tail is curved along its back, giving the dog a very elegant look. Pomeranians can be any color although fox red is the most popular choice.  Their two coats of fur give them extra fluffiness, although only one coat is soft and fluffy, while the other coat is long and coarse.

The temperament of the Pomeranian is one of incredible thirst for life with total disregard for their size.  While the Pomeranian is a distinct toy breed, they often show much of the demeanor of their larger spitz cousins in the loud boisterous way in which they act.  Properly trained they can be excellent little watchdogs for your home, but left to their own device they can and will bark at anything and everyone.  

Pomeranians do not require extensive exercise, although one short walk a day can cure their endless amounts of energy.  Brushing the coat of the dog is a must with their ability to mat easily and the large amount of hair lost daily.  The skin of the Pomeranian is sensitive so frequent baths should be out of the question but occasional baths will do just fine for them.  While the males shed once a year, the females shed often such as after birthing, while in heat, and while they are stressed.  These are just a few of the general care tips that you need to know Pomeranians but there are numerous others you have to become knowledgeable of. 

The Negatives Of The Pomeranian Dog

There are a few concerns about the Pomeranian dog that you should familiarize yourself with.  They are good with most other animals, but may not be good with small children because of their size.  Children lack an ability to know when they are being too rough with a Pomeranian, so they may inadvertently hurt them as they are so small.  Pomeranians are also aggressive to strangers, which again makes them a good watchdog, but annoying when you are listening to them bark all day at every person walking by. 

They can also pick on dogs larger then they are because of the extreme confidence level they have, which can lead to dire consequences if the other larger dog is aggressive also.  If you have a larger dog at home with your Pomeranian you can socialize the two together a bit each day to get them used to each other, and after a while you may find they have made loyal friends of one another.

Before we delve into more of what the Pomeranian has to offer we should find out about the history and origin of the Pomeranian itself. This may explain why they are the way they are.



Pomeranian Puppies: Smart, Snappy And Lovable Pets

Pomeranian puppies are a part of the spitz family and derive their name from the Pomerania region of Poland as well as eastern Germany and are a toy dog breed which can be easily explained given their small size. They are ideal city dogs and are very diminutive in size and may be of any one of thirteen colors that are found in Pomeranian puppies.

Intelligence Mixed With A Loving Nature

The Pomeranian puppies are a small breed that has long double coats that are in need of being brushed once in a week. It is a lively breed of dog that likes to learn and is wonderful around the house, getting along well with family members as also with other domesticated pets, when properly introduced to them. It is a toy breed that is intelligent as well and is known for its extreme loyalty to its owner and is a very loving pet that is eager to please as well as being gentle and affectionate at the same time. One may expect to see inquisitiveness as well as curiosity in their expressions that are other endearing qualities found in Pomeranian puppies.

Pomeranian puppies are always in need of excellent dental care and should also be groomed by regularly brushing their long coats. Pomeranian puppies may lose their teeth and so their teeth should be cleaned regularly and one may give them dry foods so that their teeth stay healthy and firm. It is recommended to give your Pomeranian puppy a short walk as well as allow it to play with other pets as well as family members and they can also be taught tricks, with a little patience and time. As they love to have something to do it would be wise to keep them occupied and prevent them from turning into bored puppies and are very suited to apartment life as well as small homes.

Pomeranian puppies should be bathed once a month and they also shed once or twice in a year and their eyes and ears as well as teeth should be cleaned regularly. The coat care for the Pomeranian puppy is quite similar to that of Pekinese dogs and should be given to it in order to prevent its long and plush coat from getting matted. One may also trim its hair once in a while and there may not be any need for combing though nail care is recommended.

A few useful Pomeranian puppy names would include names such as Chef, Rover, Jughead, Archie, Groucho, Harpo, Lil Bita Luck, Simple Pleasures, All that Jazz, Jazzy, and even Fritz. It may not require much attention but nevertheless a Pomeranian puppy should be given puppy toys, snuggle bear blankets and other puppy supply items that would make its life comfortable as well as interesting.

One should not have much difficulty in finding a Pomeranian puppy for sale and one need only search "Puppies for Sale" advertisements or check out some good Pomeranian breeders or search on the Internet or ask about from people who already own Pomeranians, and especially if they own a female, if they would sell you a puppy when a litter comes about. This is a very popular toy breed and there are many sources available for procuring a Pomeranian puppy. One may choose a Pomeranian puppy according to its ancestors and also choose between a male and female, depending on whether you want to breed further or want a companion that is of the same gender as you. Female puppies may be cuddlier while males would be more independent. Once you get the puppy home you would need to know all about Pomeranian puppy care.



General Pomeranian Care: Hygienic Surroundings And Regular Veterinary Checkups Are A Must

It is very necessary to ensure that the Pomeranian has a hygienic place to live in and this is very important for its care. An unhygienic environment is not conducive to having a healthy animal and will often lead to health problems such as parasite infestation and the fur of the dog acts as a transmitter of diseases, so one need to watch out, especially in the case of puppies. Parasites that suck blood from the puppy can easily inoculate a disease from another animal and will lead to the spreading of diseases.

Comb The Coat Every Three Weeks

Your Pomeranian puppy needs to have its coat combed every three weeks and it should be done lightly and remember not to over groom it as that would ruin its undercoat. The owner is responsible for its care, food and water as well as taking it to the veterinary's and also giving it enough exercise. One should collar the Pomeranian puppy and attach an ID tag to it that contains the pet's name and the owner's name, address as well as telephone number and the tag would help locate the owner in case it were to get lost.

One should also have a valid-license as well as give the Pomeranian puppy rabies shots, though that does not give one the license to let the pet roam free. One should also ensure that it gets proper shelter and may require an escape-proof fence to hold the pet in the confines of the yard. In case the Pomeranian puppy is not to be further bred by the owner it should be neutered as it will help the puppy live longer as well as stay healthier and have less problems with its behavior.

The diet should be nutritious as well as balanced and the puppy should always have fresh water available which is good for it and one should also remember to train the Pomeranian puppy to ensure better bonding with the owner, The Pomeranian puppy may not need too much exercise but it is still a good idea to walk it once or twice a day to help it stay physically fit. The Pomeranian puppy is likely to have some health problems common to the breed such as slipped stifle, dislocated patella as well as heart and skin problems. They also tend to lose their teeth at an early age and so, should be fed dry food that does not contain preservatives or coloring.

The coat of your Pomeranian puppy is a long double coated one that needs frequent brushing and should be worked from the head while parting the coat and brushing in a forward direction so that it looks nice. Its cottony undercoat may shed a couple of times in the year and care should be taken that its eyes and ears are regularly cleaned. One should take care not to feed the Pomeranian puppy all meat diets as it will lead to an imbalanced diet and it may be better to feed it cooked grains that are almost completely digestible for it. One may also safely omit to give it dairy products as it may turn out to be lactose intolerant.Giving it commercial foods is also recommended. The vet one chooses for the Pomeranian puppy should know of any health concerns facing the Pomeranian puppy.




Pomeranians For Sale

 If you have decided to purchase a Pomeranian to add to your family, you might think that as soon as you find Pomeranians for sale you should purchase them. However, it is important that you know everything there is to know about the breed before you purchase. You might think that these Pomeranians for sale are a bargain or a steal, but until you know everything you can know about Pomeranians, you are not ready to own one. Here is some information that might help you to understand Pomeranians a little better.

General Information

A Pomeranian dog is a small, very fluffy dog. This fluff is abundant around the chest and neck area of the dog. The color of the coat of fur varies by genotype, of course, but can be red, white, cream, orange, brown, or black. These dogs have pointed ears and wedge shaped heads. Depending on the specific genotype and family line of the Pomeranians for sale, the Pomeranians you are looking at might have pointed faces like foxes or a baby doll face. All Pomeranians will have almond shaped dark eyes. This breed of dog also has a perpetually intelligent looking expression on their faces. Some have noses the color of their coat of fur while others simply have dark noses. A proper Pomeranian jaw bite will be in the scissor bite form. In addition, an interesting and unique aspect of Pomeranians is that they have a very distinct feathered tail that seems to fan over the dog's back.

Important Health Information

As with many pure bred dogs, you will have to think about the health issues of the Pomeranian puppies for sale. Certain family lines are especially prone to dislocated patella, eye infections, slipped stifles, heart problems, and skin problems. In addition, all Pomeranians for sale will be prone to relatively early tooth loss. One way to combat this early tooth loss is to take great care of the dog's teeth. Talk to a vet to find out how to do this correctly. Older Pomeranians can become molted and experience bald spots of skin. Also, if you have a female Pomeranian it is very important to get her fixed as soon as possible. Many Pomeranians are bred too small these days to sustain pregnancy and childbirth and will need to have cesarean sections to remove the puppies. If your female pup does become pregnant, it is important to seek medical attention for her immediately. 

Care And Maintenance

When you see some Pomeranians for sale, one of the first things you should be thinking about is how you are going to care for them and keep them well maintained. For example, if you have a small apartment, there are certain dogs that just cannot live in that situation. However, Pomeranians are not this type of dog. These Pomeranians for sale will do fine in an apartment. These dogs can be very active in doors and can thrive even without having a yard. However, there are some things that you need to think about when keeping your Pomeranian in an apartment. You will need to think about your neighbors especially. If your dog will not stay quiet, you are going to get complaints. However, it is easy to keep your Pomeranian happy as long as you keep up its care and maintenance. It is especially important to keep him or her quiet during hot temperatures to keep it from overheating.

Another way to keep your Pomeranian quiet is to make sure to take it on a daily walk. This is not just taking the Pomeranians for sale out to use the bathroom. You will need to take a decent length walk with your Pomeranian every day. Playing with the dog will take care of many of its needs exercise-wise, but nothing will fulfill its basic need to walk. Remember, Pomeranians who do not get a daily walk are much more likely to have behavior problems like excessive barking and snapping at people.

Brushing and maintaining the coat is also important when thinking about these Pomeranians for sale. Dry shampooing is recommended for this breed of dog. While you do not need to do that daily, you will have to clean the eyes and ears every day. You should also clean the teeth frequently and take the Pomeranian to a dental checkup regularly. Brushing the coat is recommended to be done daily as the Pomeranian sheds constantly.

Knowing this information can help you to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase those Pomeranians for sale!